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2009 Class A State Champions!


Indoor Track at Scarborough High School was started in 1980 by current assistant coach Steve Ross. Since 1983 Scarborough has been one of the elite programs in the State of Maine, winning eleven state championships along with ten state runners-up trophies. Scarborough has produced 49 individual state champions along with seven victorious relay teams. Scarborough athletes currently hold 2 Class B state records: Brian Johnson pole vault 14'0 3/4" and Tom Toye 300yds 32.28. The 2003-2004 season a change as Scarborough moved from Class B to Class A. With this move, we also moved back into the SMAA and competed in the Portland Expo one more time. From 1981-1997 Scarborough competed in the Portland Expo, then from 1998-2003 competed at the University of Southern Maine. The Indoor Track program is looking forward to another strong season with the goal of bringing home championship #13!


ďA true champion, when they lose, they donít get defeated. They get inspired by their loss. It makes them come back to practice. They canít wait to get to the track. They blame no one.Ē



                     Latest News                  

Updated 2/6/11


Expo Meet 5

Scarborough caps undefeated season with 148-65-37-28 win over Gorham, Westbrook, & Windham


Congratulations on running the table in the regular season, that was one of our goals at the beginning of the season, and we did it in fine fashion as our closest meet was a 41 point win. An impressive stat is we scored 646 Ĺ points this season our opponents scored just 511.5. We are in the championship season now this is what we have been training for all year long, letís continue to do things right and bring home some hardware. It wonít be easy but you guys need to have the confidence that you have worked hard and are ready to do big things. You have to be smart this week, sleep and no horse play are keys. Letís continue our impressive run this season donít be satisfied with what youíve done to this point, letís do it better next week and the week after! We also had 5 new state qualifying marks, including two freshmen, along with others who improved their rankings.




Robby Hall breaks league record in Jr. 800 2:09.1, also a school record


First Place

Mike Pino Jr. SP 38-6 ľ

Zach Brown Mile 4:58

Alec James Jr. Hurdles 6.40

Orin James Sr. Hurdles 6.20

Ryan Jamison Jr. 40 4.8

Tom HagueOp. 600 1:22

Alex Pok Op. 300 37.1

Alec James Jr. 400 58.3

Nick Morris Sr. 400 55.4

Merrick Madden Jr. 200 26.4

Scott Merrill Sr. 20025.70

Robby HallJr. 800 2:09.1

Sr. Relay (Pok, Jones, Merrill, Morris) 2:21

Op. Relay (Ca. Langlois, Liu, O. James, Lynch) 1:45.7


Second Place

Eric Woodbury Jr. SP 36-7 ľ

Logan Mars Sr. SP 40-2 ĺ

Austin Doody Jr. 40 5.0

Scott Merrill Sr. 40 4.9

Ben Farino Jr. 400 59.0

Jack Sullivan Jr 800 2:24.3

Orin James HJ 5-10


Third Place

Merrick Madden Jr. Hurdles 6.4

Greg Messer Jr. 40 5.0

Alex Pok Sr. 40 5.0

Andrew Jones Op. 300 37.3

JD Hermann Sr. 400 59.0

Austin Doody Jr. 200 27.3

Dennis Liu Sr. 200 26.3


Fourth Place

Matt Aceto Mile 5:12.2

Dennis LiuSr. Hurdles 6.4

Andrew Jones Sr. 40 5.0

Jake Alofs Sr. 400 59.3

Alex Karam Op. 600 1:31.7


Fifth Place

Matt Gonyea Sr SP 34-10

JD Hermann HJ 5-2

Kevin McDonough Mile 5:35.6

Cameron Langlois Jr. Hurdles 6.7 & Jr. 200 27.7




Expo Meet 4

Scarborough continues to impress with 115 Ĺ-48-32.5 over Portland & Noble


Another convincing win last night, and strong all around performances. We got 3 new state qualifiers while 3 others improved on their state qualifying performances. We won 12 events, and improved our league leading Sr. Relay time. Congrats to Merrick Madden for tying the league record in the Jr. Hurdles (also a school record). We also had several improvements in our expo events which will aid us at the conference championship. We had a few mishaps which all teams have, rather get them out of the way this week rather in the championship meets. The coaches have stressed the importance of doing a thorough warm-up, you can never be warmed up enough especially for the sprints in the expo. Next week is a key meet for us for a couple of reason. First if we win weíll have an undefeated regular season (2nd in a row), and secondly itíll be our last chance to improve our standings in events for the conference meet. We want to have all the best options and have as many people running in the seeded sections at night as we can. Continue to focus on taking care of business, weíre getting close to what weíve been working towards all season, we need to be healthy and in the right mindset.




Ryan Jamison ties Jr. 40m record 4.8

Merrick Madden ties league record in Jr. Hurdles 6.2 (smashes school record)


First Place

Open Relay (Park, Liu, Langlois, James) 1:41.1

Nick Morris (2 mile) 10:25.3 * new state qualifier

Jake Alofs (600) 1:29.5

Alex Pok (300) 37.6

Will Lynch (Sr. SP) 42-4 Ĺ

Sr. Relay (Pok, Jones, Merrill, Morris) 2:18.0 *league leader

Orin James (Sr. Hurdles) 6.4

Zach Brown (Sr. 800) 2:20.9

Scott Merrill (Sr. 400) 55.6

Eric Woobdury (Jr. SP) 36-5 ĺ

Merrick Madden (Jr. Hurdles) 6.20 *school record **ties league record

Alec James (Jr. 400) 59.1


Second Place

Ryan Jamison (Jr. 40) 4.8 *ties school record **improves state qualifier

Ben Farino (Jr. 400) 59.6

Alex Karam (Jr. 800) 2:23.3

Harim Park (Sr. 40) 5.0 & (Sr. 200) 26.0 *improves state qualifying

Dennis Liu (Sr. Hurdles) 6.5 & (300) 37.9

Tom Hague (2 mile) 10:26 * new state qualifier

Orin James (HJ) 6-0 *improves state qualifying

Merrick Madden (Jr. 200) 26.6


Third Place

Andrew Jones (HJ) 5-2

Robby Hall (2 Mile) 10:45 *new state qualifier

Logan Mars (Sr. SP) 40-3

Christian Langlois (Sr. Hurdles) 7.2

JD Hermann (Sr. 400) 60.3 & (HJ) 5-2

John Gonzalez (Sr. 200) 26.6

Mike Pino (Jr. SP) 34-11 Ĺ

Alec James (Jr. Hurdles) 6.4

Matt Aceto (Jr. 800) 2:26.5

Cameron Langlois (Jr. 400) 62.3


Fourth Place

Cameron Langlois (Jr. Hurdles) 6.5

Cam Thayer (Jr. SP) 34-10 ĺ

Scott Merrill (Sr. 40) 5-0

Andrew Jones (Sr. 200) 26.9

Jack Sullivan (2 mile) 11:13






Expo Meet 3

Scarborough continues to roll with 125-44-28 over Cheverus & TA


Another all around dominating performance up and down the roster today. 9 new state qualifying performances as well and 1 new expo leader. We won 15 of the 19 events today which shows great quality but our depth was strong as well, we went 1-2-3 in 2 events. We have to stay focused the next two weeks before the championship season is here. We need to take care of any nagging injuries with extreme care, get the treatment necessary, we want to be at as close to full strength by the conference and state meets. Next week we will again focus on state qualifiers and improving our placement for conference. We have some work to do in a few events, and weíll need to count on a few others to step up and fill the holes. Individuals help win but it takes a TEAM effort to get to the ultimate goal. I feel we have the athletes who can step in an excel so we donít miss beat. Letís continue our excellence next week.




Joe Viola ties Sr. 200m school record 25.2. Merrick Madden & Alec James tie the Jr. Hurdle record again, 6.4


First Place

Greg Messer Jr. 40 5.0

Merrick Madden Jr. 400 58.8

Robert Hall  Jr. 800 2:25.4

Alec James Jr. Hurdles 6.4    *ties school record

Jr. Relay (Doody, Madden, James, Langlois) 1:08.7

John Gonzalez Sr. 40 4.8

Joe Viola Sr. 200 25.2  *ties school record/state qualifier

Nick Morris Sr. 400 55.60

Zach Brown Sr. 800 2:19.7

Orin James Sr. Hurdles 6.3 & HJ 5-10

Sr Relay (Pok, Jones, Merrill, Morris) 2:21.5

Scott Merrill Op. 300 36.2

Tom Hague Op. 600 1:23.5

Op. Relay (Gonzalez, Park, Liu, Langlois) 1:42.4


Second Place

Alec James Jr. 200 26.9

Merrick Madden Jr. Hurdles 6.4 *ties school record

Eric Woodbury Jr. Shot 36-3 ľ

Dennis Liu Sr. 400 58.7

Will Lynch Sr. Shot 42-7 ĺ  *state qualifier

Harim Park Op. 300 37.1

Ben Farino Op. 600 1:29.5


Third Place

Austin Doody Jr. 200  27.6

Alex Pok Sr. 40 4.8  * state qualifier & Sr. 200 26.0  *state qualifier

Andrew Jones Sr. 400m 59.2

Dennis Liu Sr. Hurdles 6.7

Logan Mars Sr. Shot 39-10 Ĺ

JD Hermann Sr. 300m 38.0

Jack Sullivan Mile 5:19.1

Jake Alofs Op. 600  1:29.6

Greg Viola HJ 5-4


Fourth Place

Austin Doody Jr. 40 5.2

Greg Messer Jr. 200 37.7

Cameron Langlois Jr. 400 61.9 & Jr. Hurdles 6.8

Mike Pino Jr. Shot 35-4 ĺ

Scott Merrill Sr. 40 5.0  ran 4.9 in trials *state qualifier

Christian Langlois Sr. Hurdles 7.0

Matt Aceto Mile 5:19.8

JD Hermann HJ 5-2


Hurdle Qualifier

Merrick Madden & Alec James 6.5  *state qualifier










Expo Meet 2

Scarborough flexes muscle with 130-89.5-64.5-6 win over rival Deering & Bonny Eagle


Today was a great learning experience for all on the team. We didnít have things go the way we wanted to early on in the meet; in fact we were behind by 8 points after 9 of the 17 events. You all rose to the challenge, and we were able to show the rest of the league that weíre the top team. For those of you who are new to track this is only the 2nd time Deering has lost a regular season meet in 11yrs, and both are to Scarborough (last year we ended their streak). Now we have our toughest meets of the year out of the way, we can move some athletes around to different races to get state qualifying times, and also improve our options for the conference championship. Keep your focus, I know this week is finals week. Study hard, but also keep training, a break in studying to get some physical activity has been proven to improve your study habits. Letís get our workouts in, and get the job done in the classroom.




Jamison ties school record in Jr. 200m. Madden, Alec James, & Cameron Langlois all tie the Jr. Hurdle record. tie the school record


First Place

Ryan Jamison  Jr. 40 (4.9) & Jr. 200 (25.6)

Robby  Hall Jr. 800  2:13.2   *New State qualifier

Jr. Relay (Madden, James, Viola, & Messer) 1:07.6

Tom Hague Sr. 800  2:06.8  #2 time in state

Senior Relay (Pok, Jones, Merrill, Morris) 2:18.6 *Expo Leader

Joe Viola  Op. 300yd 36.0  *Expo Leader

Nick Morris  Sr. 600yd  1:21  *Expo Leader

Open Relay (Gonzalez, Park, Liu, J. Viola) 1:40.2 *Ties School Record & Expo Leader

Orin James  High Jump 5-10  *Expo Leader


Second Place

Greg Viola Jr. 400  57.5  *New State Qualifier

Jack Sullivan Jr. 800  2:25.4

Harim Park Sr. 200 26.1 *New State Qualifier

Scott Merrill Sr. 400 55.6

Will Lynch Sr. Shot 40-7 Ĺ

Zach Brown 2 mile 10:57.9


Third Place

Austin Doody Jr. 40 5.1

Merrick Madden Jr. 200 (26.9) & Jr. Hurdles (6.4) *ties school record

Eric Woodbury Jr. SP 37-0 ľ

John Gonzalez Sr. 40 (4.8) & Sr. 200 (26.4) *new state qualifier


Fourth Place

Greg Messer Jr. 40 5.1

Austin Doody Jr. 200 27.2

Alec James Jr. 400 59.4 & Jr. Hurdles 6.4 *ties school record

Alex Karam Jr. 800 2:28.3

Cam Thayer Jr. Shot 35-9

Joe Vioa Sr. 40 4.9

Dennis Liu Sr. 200 26.5

Alex Pok Sr. 400 60.0

Matt Gonyea Sr. Shot 38-5

Andrew Jones Op. 300 37.7


Fifth Place

Ben Farino Jr. 400  60.7

Cameron Langlois Jr. Hurdles 6.4 *ties school record

Mike Pino Jr. Shot 35-8 ľ

Jd Hermann Sr. 400 60.5

Jake Alofs Op 600 1:31.6

Greg Viola HJ 5-4



Expo Meet 1

Scarborough dominate in 128-54-17 Win


Great opening meet guys, we really showed that hard work and dedication pays off, all the work you have done in the offseason and know the pre-season really showed in our preparation today. We came ready to run up and down the roster, a true team effort today, we got scoring contributions out of a lot athletes(29 to be exact). Our relay passes were crisp, strong blocks starts, strong hurdling, we made good decisions on the track as well. This is the best our team has ever looked week 1, so give yourselves a pat on the back! Keep working itís a long way until the conference and state meet, what you do the next few weeks will be key in our success as a team down the road. Stay focused and come ready to run again next weekend!


Highlights  RESULTS | VIDEOS

 New school record for Ryan Jamison in the 200m (25.6) taking .4 off the old record that he was a co-holder off. Also Merrick Madden in his hurdle race ever ties jr. hurdle record with his 6.4, Congrats guys!!


* Denotes state qualifier


First Place

Ryan Jamsion  jr. 40 5.0 & jr. 200 25.6 (school record)  *

Merrick Maddden jr. 45 hurdles 6.4 (ties school record)

Jr Relay (Jamison, James, Viola, Madden) 1:06.2

Eric Woodbury jr. Shot 36-4

John Gonzalez sr. 40 4.8  *

Scott Merril sr. 400 56.2  *

Nick Morris sr. 800 2:05.7 *

Orin James sr. hurdles 6.3*

Sr Relay (Pok, Jones, Merrill, Brown) 2:20.9

Joe Viola Op. 300 36.6

Robby Hall Op. Mile  4:59.9 *          

Zach Brown Op. 600 1:27.5

Open Relay (Gonzalez, Park, Liu, Viola) 1:40.9

Orin James High jump 5í10 *


Second Place

Austin Doody jr. 40 5.1

Greg Viola jr. 400 59.6

Jack Sullivan jr. 800 2:26.3

Cam Thayer jr. shot 35-3 ĺ

Harim Park sr. 200 26.5

Tom Hague sr. 800 2:07.4


Third Place

Greg Viola  jr. 40 5.3

Merrick Madden jr. 200  27.0

Alec James jr. 400  60.4

Alex Karam jr. 800 2:27.7

Alec James jr. 45 hurdles 6.5

Joe Viola sr. 40 5.0

John Gonzalez sr. 200 26.7

Alex Pok sr. 400 57.6 *

Dennis Liu sr. hurdles 6.6 *

Will Lynch sr. Shot 41-5

Andrew Jones Op. 300 38.8

Matt Aceto Op. Mile 5:19.7

Ethan Law Op. 600  1:31.9



Fourth Place

Austin Doody jr. 200 27.9

Ben Farino jr. 400 62.3

Kevin McDonough jr. 800 2:34.9

Cameron Langlois jr. 45 hurdles 6.7

Mike Pino jr. Shot 35-0

Dennis Liu jr. 200 27.3

Jd Hermann sr. 400 60.4

Greg Viola High jump 5í2





Solid day of track & field yesterday, we got 7 state qualifying marks, plus lowered our state leading 4x200m relay time. We broke the state record in the Sprint Medley (3:40.32), itís the 6th fastest time in the country! Weíre in good shape heading into our regular season, but need to continue to focus and dedicate ourselves for the next 7 weeks if you want to raise the trophy at the end of the season. Lots of work left!


Videos of many of the race can be found here


Highlights     Full Results


First Place

Tom Hague Mile 4:37.67  #2 in the state

Sprint Medley (John Gonzalez, Joe Viola, Scott Merrill, Nick Morris) 3:40.32  * State record & 6th fastest time in the country

Pole Vault Relay  (Alec James, Orin James, Alex Pok) 31í0

Alec James Pole Vault 10-6

4x200 (John Gonzalez, Scott Merrill, Ryan Jamison, Joe Viola) 1:36.91 *state leader


2nd Place

Orin James 55m hurdles 8.28 #1 in Class A


3rd Place

Robby Hall Mile 4:47.97

Orin James Pole Vault 10-0

4x400 (Alex Pok, Dennis Liu, Andrew Jones, Greg Viola) 3:46.33


4th Place

4x200 C (Alex Pok, Dennis Liu, Andrew Jones, Merrick Madden) 1:41.13


5th Place

Greg Viola High Jump 5-2

Distance Medley (Kevin McDonough, Mike Tudor, Alex Karam, Matt Aceto) 13:00.24

4x400 B (Alec James, Greg Messer, Ben Farino, Merrick Madden) 3:59.94

4x800 (Jack Sullivan, Alex Karam, Kevin McDonough, Matt Aceto) 10:20.56


6th Place

Alex Pok pole vault 9-6

John Gonzalez 55m 6.90

4x200 B (Nick Morris, Zach Brown, Robby Hall, Tom Hague) 1:43.83







Bowdoin Relays Recap

Scarborough ties for the win! Great way to open the season guys, letís keep it going, we need to make sure we continue to work hard especially during the vacation, we have 11 days now until our next meet. Challenge yourself to improve on your performance.




First Place

Sprint Medley A  2:37.68   Merrill, Gonzalez, Jones, J. Viola

Distance Medley  11:12.3  Hague, Brown, Hall, Morris

4xShuttle Hurdle   35.50    Liu, Ch. Langlois, Ca. Langlois, Madden

4x200m               1:37.65  Gonzalez, Merrill, Jamison, J. Viola

4x400m               3:41.85  Hague, Brown, Hall, Morris

Pole Vault             25-0     A. James, Pok, Albert


Third Place

Sprint Medley B   2:40.73  Pok, Jamison, Park, G. Viola


Fourth Place

3xShuttle High Hurdle  28.6  Liu, Ch. Langlois, Ca. Langlois


Fifth Place

4x200 B                1:41.5  Pok, Park, Liu, Jones

4x400 B                3:51.38 Pok, Park, Jones, Madden


Sixth Place

Coed Relay          5:15.97  Law, A. James

Shot Put               107-6    Lynch, Woodbury, Gonyea  



Vacation Practice Schedule


Pole vault  1:30-3:00 p.m.
Boys Hurdles  3:00-4:15 p.m.


BOYS: 10:30-12
Hurdles for both 10:30 a.m.-Noon

Pole vault  1:30-3:00 p.m
Boys Hurdles  3:00-4:15 p.m           


Boys Hurdles  3:00-4:15 p.m           
HIGH JUMP/TJ/LJ  4:30-5:30


Boys Hurdles  3:00-4:15 p.m..
HIGH JUMP/TJ/LJ  4:30-5:30


BUS AT 10:45AM


Pole vault   1:30-3:00 p.m.
BOYS/GIRLS Hurdles  3:00-4:15 p.m






 I encourage all of you as well as your parents to visit this website covers HS track exclusively and will have coverage of the meets this indoor season. It will have meet results as well as state rankings. There will also be videos/pictures of the meets posted. There are some neat features on the site as well, like the virtual meet, check it out.








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State Qualifiers



John Gonzalez 6.9

Alex Pok 7.0

Ryan Jamison 7.0

Joe Viola 7.01

Harim Park 7.1

Scott Merrill 7.1

Austin Doody 7.1



55m Hurdles

Orin James 8.28 

Dennis Liu 8.8

Merrick Madden 8.8

Alec James  8.9

Cam Langlois 8.9



Joe Viola 24.0

Ryan Jamison 24.4

Scott Merrill 24.5

Alex Pok 24.8

Harim Park 24.8

Dennis Liu 24.9

John Gonzalez 25.0

Merrick Madden 25.0



Nick Morris 53.6

Scott Merrill 53.8

Greg Viola 55.7

Alex Pok 55.8



Nick Morris 2:03.0

Tom Hague  2:04.1

Robby Hall   2:06.4



Tom Hague 4:37.67

Robby Hall 4:47.97

Zach Brown 4:52.0


2 Mile

Nick Morris 10:15.3

Tom Hague  10:16.0

Robby Hall   10:35.0


High Jump

Orin James 6-0


Long Jump


Triple Jump


Pole Vault

Alec James 11í0


Shot Put

Will Lynch 42-7 1/2






National Qualifiers








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