Scarborough Boys Indoor Track Rules/Expectations

  1. Team members must adhere to all school policies in the student handbook.
  2. Team members are expected to represent Scarborough and the community in a courteous, sportsman like manner at all times.
  3. Team members earn their varsity letter by achieving 80 points. (Must attend conference and state meet as well to obtain a varsity letter)
  4. Attendance is required at all meets. An unexcused absence from a meet will prevent you from participating in our next meet.
  5. "Studies first Track second" - Team members who need extra help are encouraged to do so before school or before practice. If you get extra help, which causes you to be late to practice, please bring a note from that teacher. Keep on top of your studies, plan ahead!!!!
  6. Three unexcused absences from practices/meets and you may be dismissed from the team. The first unexcused absence you will receive a verbal warning. On the second unexcused absence; you, your parents, and I will have a meeting to discuss this issue and as a consequence you will miss the next meet. Please call me or e-mail me if you will be missing practice. Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments around track practice if possible.
  7. All team issued uniforms are not to be worn except for meets.
  8. Athletes are not to start practicing at any practice facility unless it is supervised by one of the coaches.
  9. When given equipment or implements, you will be responsible for their return back to school.
  10. Behavior detrimental to the indoor track program may result in dismissal from the team. Mr. Spencer and I will meet with you and your parents prior to a dismissal.
  11. Athletes are encouraged to ride the bus to all meets. You may be brought to the meet or home from a meet by a parent; however, if you want to go home with another parent you must obtain permission from Mr. Spencer in advance.
  12. Remember this is Indoor track season. Track comes first, all other sports are second. Missing practice or a meet for another sport is not acceptable; it will be considered an unexcused absence.


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