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Scarborough Track Boosters


Top 6 reasons for volunteering for the Track & Cross Country Teams Boosters:


#6  Who needs expensive perfume/cologne when you can go home smelling like fried food?


#5  You get to watch the games for FREE!


#4  Working a concession stand is putting that college degree to good use!


#3  A 2 hour concession stand shift is a great cardio workout (unless you eat the “mistakes”).


#2  You get to eat the mistakes!!!


#1  Taking a turn at the concession stand is the EASIEST & CHEAPEST way of fundraising for parents (NO selling/buying calendars, raffle tickets, candy, restaurant cards, car washes…)! But the catch is this….even though INDOOR season is now, the boosters work the SPRING season concessions. The money raised goes for all THREE programs (Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track/Girls & Boys).  We have 15 scheduled times –NOT counting the play-offs (which will give us extra dates to work!) We’re giving you a heads up now.


The Track & Cross Country Boosters is needed to help make sure sufficient funding is available for the necessary equipment, the coaching staff, camp tuitions, awards, and championship mementos. All parents whose sons or daughters participate in any of the three programs are encouraged to be active members of the booster organization. The following parents were elected as the officers & board members for the 2007-2008 school year:

President:  Greg Nakanishi 885-9579

Vice President:  Greg Brown 423-4070                    

Treasurer:  Donna Snyder    883-3310

Secretary: Sue Nakanishi     885-9579

Rest of the Board:  Patty Schild  883-5598

                            Jennifer Given  510-1516

                            Eric Jesseman



Coach Derek Veilleux is the man behind this awesome website ! It is a great source for following the teams (schedules, results, records…). Check it out & look for future Booster News!



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Update 11/7/07

Parents please click on email link so that I can have everyone’s email address. This will make communication easier for everybody


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