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Since 1983 Scarborough has been one of the elite programs in the State of Maine, winning eleven state championships. Currently the team is four-time defending Class A state champions, looking to add a fifth straight title this winter. The team has had many individual state champions and relay teams.  Scarborough track athletes currently hold the following state records. Class A 4x800 Relay Allison Chamberlain, Hilary Curtis, Erica Jesseman, & Kaitlynn Saldanha (9:45.51), Class B mile Lisa Waken (5:06.6), & Class B 300 yards Kate Toye (37.55).  In addition to these records set at the state level, Scarborough athletes also hold the following all time relay records for Maine: 4x200 Relay (Kate Toye, Kerry Ciampanelli, Jen Shapiro, & Kristen Collins (1:47.20), 4x400 Relay (Kate Toye, Kerry Ciampanelli, Jen Shapiro, & Kristen Collins (4:08.68), 4x800 Relay ( Allison Chamberlain, Hilary Curtis, Erica Jesseman, & Kaitlynn Saldanha (9:32.34), & DMR Hilary Curtis, Allison Chamberlain, Kaitlynn Saldanha & Erica Jesseman (12:51.32)The 2003-2004 season marked a change as Scarborough moved from Class B to Class A. With this move, we also moved back into the SMAA and competed in the Portland Expo one more time. From 1981-1997 Scarborough competed in the Portland Expo, then from 1998-2003 competed at the University of Southern Maine.


2008-2009 Season


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Scarborough wins its 4th straight SMAA Championship

Going into Saturday’s Southwesterns, the Red Storm girls had won another Conference regular season title. They would be competing to defend their 3 year streak of S.M.A.A. conference champions. The meet started off early in the morning with the trials for the 45 yd. hurdles and the 40 yd dash and all of the unseeded events. When the opening ceremonies started the Portland Expo was jam packed with spectators. Awards were given out to numerous outstanding athletes in the conference as well as coach of the year. Scarborough’s coach Ron Kelly received Coach of the Year, this being his 12th year coaching the indoor track team. In addition to these awards, the 50th anniversary of the wooden track was celebrated.

After the opening ceremonies the finals started rolling. First up were the Jr. & Sr. 45 hurdles, where Emilia Scheemaker and Jenny Snyder both ended up with the fastest times in the trials seeding them first in the finals. They held their top spots, each scoring 10 points for the Red Storm. In the finals of the Jr. 40, Nicole Kirk placed 3rd (5.4), with teammate Abby Chick right behind placing 4th (5.4), giving the Red Storm a total of 10 more points. In the finals of the Sr. 40, Lauren Blaisdell came in 2nd (5.3), with teammates Rachelle Greene (5.4) and Jenna Van Dam (5.4) coming in 3rd and 4th.

The open 600 was also another strong event for the Red Storm. Whitney Chamberlain won the event with a time of 1:32.00 and had teammates Erin McElwain and Katrijn Moulin placing 4th and 6th. Once again in the open 300, the Red Storm pulled through showing their depth in their athletes. Scheemaker won the event with a time of 41.6 seconds, and teammates Snyder finished in 2nd and Emily Robbins placed 5th. In the Jr. 400, Andrea Tolman placed 2nd with a time of 1:06.4 and Van Dam also placed 2nd in the Sr. 400 with a time of 1:04.3. In the Jr. 200 Kirk placed 2nd and in the Sr. 200, the Red Storm had a tie between teammates Greene and Blaisdell for 2nd place. In the Jr. 800, the Red Storm went 1 and 2 with Chick winning in a time of 2:32.5 and Emily Tolman placing right behind. In the Sr. 800 Melissa Dellatorre won the event in 2:32.3, even after not running the 800 all season! In field events, defending state champion shot putter, Catie Funk won the shot put with a throw of 38-06.00. In addition Scheemaker placed 4th in the high jump.

With the meet already coming to a close the Red Storm was leading by a margin of 70 or 80 points, but they managed to sweep all the relays. The Jr. 4x210 relay (Samantha Armishaw, E. Tolman, Scheemaker, and Kirk) won in a time of 1:53.30. The Sr. 4x210 relay (Snyder, Jessie Solender, Blaisdell, and Greene) won in a time of 1:54.20. The 4x400 relay (Dellatorre, Chick, Van Dam, and Chamberlain) won in a time of 4:11.70.

The final results of the meet were Scarborough with 197 points, Bonney Eagle in second with 92, Thornton Academy in third with 82, Gorham in fourth with 53, and Biddeford in fifth with 46. The Class A state meet will be held at USM in Gorham on Monday February 16th.



SMAA Girls Meet 2 Week 5, 1/31/2009


            By winning the fifth and final meet of the regular indoor track season against Gorham, Westbrook, and Windham, the Scarborough girls held on to their perfect season.  Starting off with the junior shot put, Chelsea Damon grabbed 5th place with a throw of 23-02.00.  Following the junior shot put, Catie Funk won the senior shot put with a throw of 36-01.50.  Emilia Scheemaker, junior athlete of the meet, continued her strong performances in her events and came in second in the open high jump (4-08.00).  Following the high jump, Melissa Delatorre grabbed second place in the mile (5:49.80).  Kelsey Rex of Gorham won the event with a time of 5:36.30 and was named the senior athlete of the meet. 

            Emilia Scheemaker continued to score points for the Red Storm in the junior hurdles, coming in first with a time of 6.90.  In the senior hurdles, Jenny Snyder also placed first with a time of 6.90.  In the junior 40 yard dash, Nicole Kirk continued to dominate the event with a time of 5.30.  Abby Chick, Emily Tolman, and Andrea Tolman followed Nicole in the event with times of 5.50, 5.60, and 5.60.  The senior girls’ 40 yard dash was most likely the closest race of this event this season.  Katie Cook of Windham, Lauren Blaisdell, Jenna VanDam, and Rachelle Greene of Scarborough all finished with a time of 5.40.  Based on the judges’ decision, Cook placed first followed by Blaisdell, VanDam, and Greene.

            Scarborough did well in the 600 yard dash with Abby Chick (1:39.20) and Erin McElwain (1:41.40) placing first and second.  Scarborough also swept the first three places in the open 300 with Scheemaker coming in first (42.10), followed by Jenny Snyder (42.80) and Emily Robbins (45.00).  Andrea Tolman grabbed first in the junior 400, with a time of 1:08.40.  The girls’ senior 400 was an exciting race, with solid 400 runners Whitney Chamberlain, Jenna VanDam, and Reilly Sullivan of Windham all in the same heat.  Chamberlain came in first (1:03.80), with VanDam (1:04.60) and Sullivan (1:06.30) following.  In the junior 200, Nicole Kirk again grabbed first place with a time of 29.20.  Haela Booth-Howe came in third (31.80).  The senior 200 was also a close race with Blaisdell and Greene tying for first with a time of 29.20.  Emily Tolman easily beat out her competition in the junior 800 and took first place with a time of 2:40.70.  In the senior 800 Megan Summerson came in second with a time of 2:36.00. 

            In the 4x210 junior relay Scarborough won with a time of 1:55.60.  Scarborough’s senior 4x210 relay of Snyder, Moulin, Blaisdell, and Greene also won with a time of 1:57.30.  The Scarborough girl’s 4x400 open relay dominated their competition with a time of 4:19.80.  Overall, there were fifteen first place finishes out of nineteen events for the Red Storm, proving to be a very strong end to a great regular season.  The final score of the meet was Scarborough 144, Gorham 66.5, Windham 52.5, and Westbrook 25.                   




SMAA Girls Meet Week 3 at Expo.


Before the meet between Scarborough, Thornton, and Cheverus, there was a silent protest held by the athletes showing their discontent of the M.P.Aʼs proposal of getting rid of New Englands. The athletes did one lap around the track holding signs they made.

Remaining undefeated, Scarborough out ran both Thornton Academy and Cheverus. Starting the meet with the mile,  Melissa Dellatorre [5:45.5 min] came is 4th place. Then, Scarborough took one through 3 in the Junior 40 yd. dash: 1) Nicole Kirk [5.4 sec] 2) Abby Chick [5.5 sec] 3) Samantha Armishaw [5.6 sec]. Senior 40 yd. dash. In the Senior division of the 40 yard dash, Rachelle Greene [5.3 sec], Senior Athlete of the Meet, came in 1st and  Lauren Blaisdell [J5.3 sec) came in 2nd. Jenny Snyder won the Senior 45 yard hurdles [6.9 sec] and Emilia Scheemaker can in 2nd in the Junior Division [J6.8 sec]. Scaborough also won the Junior and Senior 200 meter dash: 1) Nicole Kirk [28.8 sec] and 1) Lauren Blaisdell [29.8 sec]. Scarborough took places one through seven in the 300 yard dash (1. Abby Chick [42.5 sec], 2. Emilia Sheemaker [43.7 sec], 3. Rachelle Greene [44.1 sec], 4. Jenny Snyder [44.4 sec], 5. Jessie Solender [45.9 sec], 6. Melanie Grover [46.2 sec], 7. Carolyn Bennett [47.4 sec]). Going on to capture 1st in the 400 Meter Dash as well with Andrea Tolman [1st in Junior with 1:06.7 min] and Jenna Van Dam [1st in Senior with 1:05.5 min]. Scarborough also dominated the 600 Yard Run with Whitney Chamberlain placing 1st with a time of 1:34 minutes and Katrijn Moulin placing second with a time of 1:48.3 minutes. Scarborough did well in the 800 meter as well placing two, three in the Junior division (2. Emily Tolman [2:35.5 min] 3. Emily OʼConnor [2:54 min]) and one, two in the Senior Division (1. Meghan Summerson [2:37.1 min] 2. Erin McElwain [2:38.9 min]. Helping increase Scarboroughʼs score, each of Scarboroughʼs relay teams won: 4x210 Yard Junior Relay 1) 1:56.5 min, 4x210 Yard Senior Relay 1) 1:58 min, and 4x400 Yard Open Relay 1) 4:14.7 min. Not only did Scarborough succeed in the running, but they also thrived in the field events. Catie Funk threw  35ʼ8.25ʼʼ in the Senior Shot Put placing 1st, and Emilia Sheemaker jumped 4ʼ06ʼʼ in the High Jump placing 4th. It was another great meet for the Red Storm. They finished with 99 points over Thornton Academy (67 points) and Cheverus (27 points).



Expo Meet # 2 On January 10, 2009

            In the 2nd Expo Meet of the Season, the Scarborough girls beat Bonny Eagle and Deering. Even though Bonny Eagle had key competitors, Melissa Carrier (1st in Senior 40 yd. dash [5.2 s], 200 m. [28.90 s], and 4x400 yd. relay), Peyton Dostie (1st in Senior 400m [1:05.60 min] and 4x400 yd. relay), Amber Dostie (1st in Senior 800m [2:34.8 min] and 4x400 yd. relay), and Lauren Dudley (1st in 600 yd. [1:38.7 min] and 4x400 yd. relay), and Deering had Angela Balzano (1st in high jump [5-00.00]), Scarborough rose to the challenge and performed well. Starting off with the 2 mile, qualifying for states, Melissa Dellatorre (12:45.2 min) and Erin McElwain (12:56.4) went 1st and 2nd. Meanwhile, Catie Funk, the Senior Athlete of the Meet, threw a personal best of 37 ft. 9 in. in the Senior shot put placing 1st. Chelsea Damon won the junior division of the shot put with a throw of 25 ft. 2in. Scarborough swept the 45 yd. hurdles as well. Emilia Scheemaker won the Junior division with a time of 6.8 seconds, and Jenny Snyder placed 1st in the Senior division with a time of 6.8 seconds as well. Scarborough took places one through 4 in the Junior 40 yd (1st Nicole Kirk [5.3 s], 2nd Abby Chick [5.5 s], 3rd Emily Tolman [5.5J s], 4th Kayla Taube [5.8 s]). Nicole Kirk, the Junior Athlete of the Meet, won the 200 m in 29 seconds flat. Scarborough also took 1st in the junior 400 m. (Abby Chick [1:08 min]) and the junior 800 m. (Emily Tolman [2:43.4]). In the Senior 400 m., Scarborough placed 2nd and 3rd (Jenna VanDam [1:05.7 min] and Whitney Chamberlain [1:06.0 min.]) as well as 2nd in the 800 m. (Meghan Summerson [2:40.2 min]). Both of Scarboroughʼs 4x210 yard relay teams won helping increase Scarboroughʼs score. The morning ended with Deering 45.5 points, Bonny Eagle 56.5 points, and Scarborough accumulated 98 points to remain undefeated!


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