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Scarborough Track/XC


Boosters Raffle Winners



Sat, May 1: Irene Boettcher (sold by Steve Breshnehan)

Sun, May 2: Judy Bogdanavich (sold by Heidi Bogdanovich)

Mon, May 3 – Steve Hammond, sold by Haela Booth-Howe

Tues, May 4 – Chris Knaus, sold by Haley Knaus

Wed, May 5 – Brian McLellan, sold by Kendra O’Roak

Thurs, May 6 - Rob Sutkowski, sold by Michael Taylor


Fri, May 7 - Dennis Curry, sold by Robby Hall


Sat, May 8 (hotel gift cert) - Steve Donnelly, sold by Haela Booth-Howe


Sun, May 9 - Dawn Gilbert, sold by Jarrod Gilbert


Mon, May 10 - Diane Armishaw, sold by Samantha Armishaw

Tues, May 11 – Paula Doe, sold by Kristy Manning

Wed, May 12 – Jennifer Harvey, sold by Elizabeth Belliveau

Thurs, May 13 – Terri Perriello, sold by Haela Booth-Howe

Fri, May 14 – Eric Lemont, sold by Nick Morris

Sat, May 15 – Jim Dunn, sold by Kirsten Page

Sun, May 16 – Kathy Burns, sold by Kristen Burns

Mon, May 17 – Tom Hague, sold by Tom Hague

Tues, May 18 – Ciaran Mokriski, sold by Elizabeth Belliveau

Wed, May 19 – Leigh St. Pierre, sold by Stephanie Ostrowski

Thurs, May 20, Ben Dyer, sold by Kristy Manning

Fri, May 21, Joan Lawton, sold by Emilia Skeemacher







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